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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one,My Father, Aaron Pfromm who was born in Michigan on July 17, 1969 and passed away on February 14, 2003 at the age of 33. Aaron had a massive-heart attack due to a heart disease he had called, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Aaron was a Son, a Brother, an Uncle, and a Father. He left behind 2 Daughters, Christina and Natalie, as well as a step daughter, Sarah.

As of late, Aaron is also a grandfather, to Skyler Aaron Michael Pfromm. Skyler was also born with a CHD. His papas in his heart, keeping it strong.

He will always be remembered.

Recently, Marie has joined Aaron in their forever resting place. We miss them both dearly, but we know they are together now.

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Thinking of you;   / Natalie Pfromm (daughter)
thinking of you, on a night so cold Sitting and staring at your piece of gold. How I wish things could change, and you could be here Because in these mess of tears I'm missing you dear. I'm so in love, he treats me so right And dad honestly, ...  Continue >>
Time Heals Nothing   / Nancy Pfromm (Lil Sis )
My precious memories of your loving face. No one else can take your place. With an aching heart I whisper low. I love you Aaron and miss you so. They say hearts don't really break but I know that isn't true... Because on the day you died...my he...  Continue >>
Sorry For your loss   / Courtney Muchez (Natlie his daughter, best friend of her )
I am really sorry fro the loss of your dad natalie! But i want you to remember that you will always be my bff and that i am really sorry that you lost your dad! I will always stick up for you and your family remember that! I hope you and your family ...  Continue >>
Sorry for your loss   / LOYDA POLANCO
RICARDO still remembers sitting with his wife, Maria, in the doctor's waiting room. * Neither of them had the courage to read the results of Maria's latest medical examinations. Then, Ricardo opened the envelope, and they hastily glanced over the med...  Continue >>
thinking of you   / Ellen
Aaron - Forever in our memories, forever in our hearts!!
Cant Let Go  / Tina     Read >>
Dear Aaron,  / Nancy (Lil Sis )    Read >>
A Stranger  / Tina Pfromm (Daughter)    Read >>
In Aaron's own words...  / Ellen Beaudry (friend)    Read >>
-^-Cry-^- / Christina Pfromm (Daughter)    Read >>
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